Foreclosed properties

Can't find the proper home to match your budget or your financial situation? Have you ever considered a seized property or foreclosed property? Good deals can be made but finding the RIGHT ONE requires preparation, patience and perseverance.

So where to look to find these seized properties?

This process begins when a home owner is late or in default of his mortgage loan payments. The lending financial institution then proceeds to seize the property by issuing a default notice. In most cases, this document is public, which means that potential buyers can be alerted whenever a property is under foreclosure.

A buyer seeking foreclosures can scour:

  • Local lending institutions 
  • Local newspaper ads  
  • A municipal court  
  • Leasing administration in local, municipal and provincial jurisdictions,

OR EVEN BETTER, receive a regular email message from my daily updated list whenever a home is under foreclosure in the Greater Montreal area.

This system will save you both time and money. Simply fill out the following formulaire d'inscription and specify FORECLOSURES in the comments field.

You'll immediately be given priority access to all foreclosures that match your criteria, along with excellent investment opportunities including properties available due to divorce and inheritance.